Prepare to get your fix of adrenaline. This is an extreme sports list that covers the basic elements that shaped our planet. You’ll find Air, Earth, Water and Ice represented here, in this list of extreme sports (also called ‘Action Sports’) that covers your bases from Winter to Summer and those months in between.

This extreme sports list packs action sports just dripping with ‘Wow’ Factor and can give you ideas for your poly extreme athlete training – assuming you’re game for them, and acknowledge the risks and rewards with this crazy awesome ways to get epic!

Water Sports

We can’t have an extreme sports list without board shorts and footies. Water sports are done on water (No way!). You’ve got the obvious contenders, like surfing and white water rafting, but don’t forget some of the lesser known water sports – flowboarding, anyone? – along with those other crazy board/GoPro water combos that stem from many a drunk afternoon conversation by the barbecue…

Ozaki 8 Ordeals: Emerging Force (Whitewater Rafting), Life of Water (Big Wave Surfing)

Extreme Water Sports:


Whitewater Rafting




Wake Boarding

Skim Boarding

Flow Boarding



Paddle Surfing

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Cliff Jumping

Liveaboard Diving

Scuba Diving

Shark Diving

Check This Out: Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara’s now legendary (and unconfirmed world record) ride at Nazare Portugal in 2011, in which many believe he surfed a 100 foot wave.

Earth Sports

Earth Sports are done on terra firm. Yes, I know you aspire to surf that 100 footer at Nazare, but bear with me here. Earth-based extreme sports can throw a lot at you, from rock climbing to sand boarding and stuff that would trigger the pacemaker in even the most seasoned extreme athletes. Three of the ordeals from the Ozaki 8 are based on extreme sports done on land. That’s more than any other element.

Ozaki 8 Ordeals: Awakening Earth (Subterranean Skydive), Master of 6 Lives (Solo Free Climbing), Act of Ultimate Trust (Cliff Diving)

Extreme Earth Sports:

Rock Climbing

Free Climbing





Parkour (Free Running)

Sand Boarding

Cliff Jumping

Mountain Boarding

Sand Boarding

Long Boarding


Mountain Biking




Sand Kiting

Slack Lining

Check This Out: Mountain biker Kelly McGarry’s F**king stunning back flip over a 72 foot canyon in 2013.

Air Sports

Air Sports honour the wind. It’s good not to have a fear of heights with extreme sports done in the air. Think skydives and BASE jumps, along with some thing called a wing-suit that puts extreme sports done in the air among the more dangerous, albeit thrilling, ways to get the ultimate rush.

Ozaki 8 Ordeals: Birth of Sky, Life of Wind

Extreme Air Sports:

BASE Jumping


Wing Suit Flying

Bungee Jumping

High Lining

Slack Lining

Hang Gliding


Indoor Skydiving

Check This Out: You will be a changed person in eleven minutes and fifty-five seconds after watching this tear-jerker documentary and tribute to fallen BASE jumper Ian Flanders by his wingsuit partner left to pick up the pieces. Get a tissue.

Ice Sports

Extreme Sports of Ice honour the howling tempest that is Winter. They can be done on ice or snow (but Life of Ice does have a certain ring to it, agreed?). If it’s chilly out, there’s a good ice extreme sport to take up, somewhere, finishing this extreme sports list off with an adrenaline fix that may chill you to the bone.

Ozaki 8 Ordeals: Life of Ice

Extreme Ice Sports:



Snow Kiting

Ice Climbing


Check This Out: Matthias Giraud’s SICK GoPro video from 2011 in which he and fellow skier Stefan Laude outrun an avalanche on the French Alps by…skiing off the cliff.