You thought wingsuit flying in Europe was nuts. Maybe it is – but this video making the rounds online is a whole new type of crazy. It’s a joint production between Skydive Dubai and X Dubai. The video shows four proximity wingsuit fliers navigate mountains of the man-made variety, in which they narrowly avoid going splat among the tallest skyscrapers on Earth.

The intensity level is high on this one. Think Graham Dickinson times four, with wingsuit flying through the Dubai Marina – you know, the financial mega-city with exceptionally tall buildings. The building here are about the same height as the mountains of Switzerland, claims one of the fliers.

Whether he’s right or not, wingsuit flying through the skyscrapers of Dubai will leave you breathless. Savour the action right at 1:55 to really trigger a cardiovascular event. That’s just nuts dude, though I suppose wingsuit flying though mountains gets fliers that close as well.

Wingsuit Flying With Skydive Dubai

One note before watching the video. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of excitement from Skydive Dubai. The latter made another crazy video earlier this year in which two fliers with jet packs raced an Airbus A380 over that city. They’ve made other impressive Dubai skydiving videos too, like this one back in 2012.

It’s no stretch to say Skydive Dubai offers some of the most intense aerial experiences on the planet, from beginner to expert level (and PS – so don’t try what these guys are doing in the video you’re about to watch). Still, keep an eye on Skydive Dubai. They’re arguably the best on the planet for the intensity of their wingsuit flying and skydiving videos, and may be a bucket list item if you’re a little more daring.

Enjoy the video!