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Say what you will about wingsuits, you can’t deny they make for some pretty epic watching. That’s where we find ourselves this week, with a new wingsuit video of daredevil Graham Dickinson, as he jumps off a mountain and cheats death as a manoeuvres through a forest at well over 200 miles an hour.

As someone who’s seen a few wingsuit videos, I can safely tell you this one’s intense. I’m dating myself here, but it brings memories of a chase scene in Return of the Jedi (you know exactly what I’m talking about if you’re older than 35!).

But indeed it’s real, and frankly, I don’t think we’ve seen more skilful wingsuit flying than this video of Dickinson and camera man Dario Zanon – who has some pretty intense wingsuit skills of his own.

Wingsuit Fun With a Vive La France!

The video emerged this week and consists of Dickinson and Zanon as they leap from the cliffs around Chamonix-Mount Blanc in France. And in good form, they begin the video with a tribute to the country, with a heart “Vive La France!” as they leap off the cliffs and quickly dodge incoming boulders, trees and the river bed they’re manoeuvring and some stupidly fast speeds.

I don’t think I’ve seen a wingsuit video quite as entertaining as what happens in the next 50 seconds. I’ve never seen a wingsuit flyer come in this low, or handle such difficult terrain with ease. Heck, Dean Potter – the most famous BASE jumper on the planet – lost his life back in May doing a similar stunt in Yosemite. Yet Dickinson and Zanon simply zip through like they’ve done it a hundred times.

Maybe they have, though I suspect there’s a little luck involved here.

Dickinson later said he flew so intensely because he wanted to shake his camera man. But Zanon’s there with him the whole time, in each shot. And hot damn…it’s so fun to watch. Enjoy – and Vive La France!