I have no idea where people think this stuff up but I like it. Heck, I love it even. A Tarzan Boat is a floating playground, complete with waterslide, TWO trampolines, jumping platforms and a rope swing. Like a Russian swing, it’s designed for people by the lake and/or with too much time on their hands, and involves grown men and women being slightly immature.

OK sure, kids can play on it too. Fine, whatevs…I just like the idea of having one for myself.

What’s a Tarzan Boat?

Basically it’s a floating jungle gym. It’s like a condensed water park on a dock with an outboard motor that drives it out to open water – usually a lake – on which you jump, dive, slide and pretty much make a tool of yourself on the boat’s many toys.

And when I look at it the first thing that comes to mind is doing it with a Corona in hand (something about a good buzz while acting like a 5 year old hogging all the toys in his sandbox holds a strange appeal to me). That’s probably not the best idea though. Mental note…kids, do the OPPOSITE of what Steve says.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen a Tarzan Boat at your local swimming hole (or being towed up I-5 behind some billionaire man-child’s 500 foot RV), it’s because this is a new product. Tarzan Boat launched just last year, originally as a business model, in which parties buy the boat, then lease it out, either by the hour or for an afternoon.

Tarzan Boat Locations

If you’re of unlimited means, you can now plunk one down by your lakeside cabin in the Muskoka. You’ll pay a cool $63,700 US Dollars for it, but come on – you’ll be the king of your own castle and have the highly gratifying ability to gloat at those who don’t have a floating water park of their own.


Of course, that may be above your pay grade at present, in which case you’ll have to make do with the Tarzan Boats for party rentals at these locations. There’s one in Norway, and another in South America. The rest are in the U.S. deep south, at present, including Mississippi, Texas and Florida.

And there’s one in Seattle, called Swim Gym Boat, which docks in Kirkland, and makes its way down Lake Washington in summer.