While you wouldn’t want to slip this through half-inebriated dialogue at an Auckland cocktail party, you may be surprised to learn that bungee jumping in South Africa is arguably the best on the planet.

Maybe it’s a southern hemisphere thing, but bungee jumping in South Africa has taken off like no one’s business. The highest bungee jump in the world is here (Bloukrans Bridge), along with one of the most unique jumps you’ll find anywhere (a cooling tower in Soweto).

At one time you could even bungee jump from a cable car at Table Mountain, though that seems to have ended.

So, feelin’ stupid? You’re in South Africa dude. It’s all a jol – so grab your balls, and maybe your GoPro, and let’s read up about bungee jumping in South Africa, and the cojones you’ll need to pull them off…

For Bungee Jumping Near Johannesburg

Go To: Play At Height (Sandton) OR Orlando Towers (Soweto)

Description: You’ve got two options for bungee jumping in the JoBurg area. If you’re in Sandton, head to Play At Height/SkyBar. For the rest of Johannesburg, go to Orlando Towers (also called Soweto Towers). Both jumps are a blast – Play At Height is a ‘Vertical Adventure Center’ that does bungee jumping, abseiling and wall climbing. 

It’s a dedicated bungee jumping tower, 50 meters high, with a convenient ‘sky bar’ to pound a few drinks back (presumably) AFTER your leap.

Orlando Towers is twice as high, at 100 meters, and has the distinction of being a bungee jumping experience between two retired nuclear cooling towers. Hence its more commonly used nickname, Soweto Towers – a reference to days gone by, and nuclear energy being put to a more colourful function.

Cost: Play At Height’s bungee jumping experience cost R350. The bungee jumping Soweto price is R480. Both prices are valid as of May 2017.

Learn More At: www.playatheight.co.za and www.orlandotowers.co.za

For Bungee Jumping Near Capetown

Go To: Face Adrenaline Bungy (Bloukrans Bridge)

Description: Let me be the first to say that Bloukrans Bridge is nowhere near Capetown. In fact, it’s a good 550KM away – making it closer to Port Elizabeth. There are no shuttle buses, and it’s insanely expensive if you take a taxi.

So why do it?

Recognize this guy? That’s surfer legend Kelly Slater doing a bungee jump at Bloukrans Bridge. Photo Source: www.facebook.com/faceadrenaline

For the bragging rights that you had balls enough to do the highest bungee jump in the world. Indeed, that’s Bloukrans Bridge, named for the Bloukrans river some 216 meters below, and which geographically divides the west and east capes of this beautiful country.

Allow me to do some math for you. That’s roughly 700 feet – compared to 200 feet at Great Canadian Bungee, which itself is the highest place to go bungee jumping in Canada, and the United States as well.

It’s a bitch to get there, but if you’re the determined sort, and hire a car, a bungee jump at Bloukrans bridge is a big notch on your Bucket List.

Cost: The Bloukrans bridge bungee jump costs R950. Cheap? No – but tell yourself it’s a world record and money well-spent.

Learn More At: www.faceadrenalin.com

For Bungee Jumping Near Pretoria

Go To: Bungee Mogale (Krugersdorp) OR Orlando Towers (Soweto)

Description: Bungee jumping in South Africa isn’t complete without a trip to Krugersdorp. Well, let’s clarify that a little. To go bungee jumping near Pretoria you’ll have to go to Kings Kloof Bridge in Krugersdorp – roughly 54 km outside the city.

Or you can to to Orlando Towers, which is roughly the same distance.

If you go bungee jumping at Krugersorp, you’ll do it with Bungee Mogale. It’s a 50 meter jump and like Play At Height, it’s sort of an adventure center. You can also do a bungee swing and 320 meter foofy slide here.

It’s all part of the bungee jumping in South Africa experience.

Cost: Prices start at R210 for one bungee jump. Or combine it with other activities/group members and get up to a 45% discount.

Learn More At: www.bungeemogale.co.za.

For Bungee Jumping in Durban

Go To: Big Rush (Moses Mabhida Stadium)

Description: Moses Mabhida Stadium is a stadium (natch) in Durban. It’s also one of the most intense bungee jumping in South Africa experiences – a 60 metre drop from the building’s apex.

This is the only indoor bungee jump that I’m aware of in South Africa, and going by its Google reviews, one of the best. Also in its favour, Moses Mabhida Stadium is in the heart of Durban, and an easy ride from the center of the city.

Cost: R595.

Learn More At: www.bigrush.co.za