The late Dean Potter was no stranger to the Great White North. He did much of his training right here in BC, including Squamish and Chilliwack, where is spent some of the last few months of his life.

The day he died, his site’s Contact page indicated that he and Whisper were training in the Mountains of British Columbia. That content has since been taken down, but his site is live, and with no mention of his end last Saturday. A fitting tribute to a man fascinated by that space between life and death. Where ever that is, you can be sure Dean Potter pushed it for most of his life and pierced that wall at 200 miles per hour.

Love For BC

On reading some of the essays Potter wrote while in BC, it’s clear he was infatuated with the area. “It’s stunning here in British Columbia’s flourishing rain forests brush-stroked with every imaginable green and brown, contrasted by stark black and white snowy peaks of the North Cascades,” he wrote in July of last year, though he eventually made his way back to Yosemite, which is, ultimately, where fate took its man.

Still, it’s pretty fitting that Dean Potter spent some of the last months of his life right here in BC. He filmed part of the National Geographic film, The Man Who Can Fly, in Squamish, during which he slack lined across the North Gully (see video below) – without a safety harness of course.

Dean Potter. The dude really pushed some serious boundaries.

A Life Well-Lived

Some people take issue with that, even now, after his death. I’ve heard people call that ‘selfish’ and ‘stupid’ among other things, and frankly, I see where they’re coming from. But I think that misses the point. This is a guy who broke rules his whole life. He made no promises to anyone that he’d die an old man in his bed. Dean Potter wanted fly, without the reassurance of a safety net.

He got his wish, and lived a pretty darned cool life in the process.

Enjoy the video!