A group of shark cage divers got a major thrill recently when diving at Guadalupe. Let’s say it was a whale (shark!) of a surprise, because they were probably expecting the great whites of the area to come around that day. Not the whale shark that came by and absolutely dazzled the smitten group in a brief encounter that took place in October last year while diving with SharkDivingExperts – one of several operators at Isla De Guadalupe.

A Whale Shark of a Tale at Isla De Guadalupe

I’ve never seen this before. We’ve heard stories of blues, hammerheads and even mako sharks at Guadalupe in the past, in addition to the obvious great white sharks that put this destination on the map. But a whale shark? That’s a first, for me at least, and I suspect most of the operators at Guadalupe will say the same.

But it’s not just the fact that a whale shark showed up at this popular diving spot – look how close it gets! The majestic creature seems to know it’s on display and does a very close pass, probably within three feet of the cage at one point.

A Little Curious…

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this however because we’ve seen some amazing whale shark encounters with humans in recent years. Remember the whale shark that approached a jet skier in Australia? The shark actually sought out the human in that encounter – jet ski instructor Francesco Mercuri.

Here we see another moment between whale shark and folks who happened to be at the right place in the right time. I think it’s safe to say they probably got their money’s worth just for this brief encounter. And the great white sharks that showed up later that day were a bonus.

The video was shot by diver Dan Langan (I believe) and posted to the White Shark Interest Group on Facebook. Enjoy the video – it’s pretty special, and a fascinating moment for the shark diving community, to say nothing about being a bucket list moment for the folks who were there!