Sometimes you have to go full-on cheesehead. No fate, no talk of the universe or deep philosophical issues. Sometimes you need, yes, a good ditch kayaking video. This one’s the best I’ve seen.

The first, but still the best.

Ditch kayaking for the uninitiated is when you kayak through a ditch. Shocker huh? But it’s a lot more fun when that ditch is the one at Lion’s Bay British Columbia, just north of Vancouver, which has enough of a slant downward that the two kayakers in the video, Canadian Ben Marr and American Rush Sturges, supposedly reached speeds of 72 km/hr (45 miles an hour).

You be the judge on that. Either way, they tore it up pretty good. This ain’t no video on the meaning of life, but if you need a laugh, this one’s a keeper.

I love ditch kayaking.