oleg_paramon_base_jumpI would so not base jump. But adrenaline freaks like myself who get their kicks living vicariously through guys like Russian BASE Jumper Oleg ParaMon will no doubt approve of this, one of the most eerie BASE jumps I’ve seen on camera.

The setting: Mercury City Tower, a 75 storey skyscraper in Moscow and Europe’s new tallest building, some 350 metres above the streets of Moscow. The video tells the rest of the story, believe me, with an eerie ascent to the top of the tower, punctuated by about ten seconds, starting around 1:47, when he’s at the top, at the corner of the tower. The camera then puts things in perspective. He’s high – real high – off the streets of Moscow. Then he steps off and gracefully glides through the chilling Moscow morning and back to terra firma.

Oleg ParaMon is a f&*$ing ninja.

I can’t which part is creepier: his ascent to the top or that moment when the camera puts things in perspective. Probably the latter.

This is ParaMon’s second jump off Mercury Tower, and it’s made more impressive when you consider the security around the place. Mercury Tower is like Fort freakin’ Knox – heavily guarded and highly illegal to scale for purposes of, you know, jumping off of it.

But then again, that’s what BASE jumping is all about, yes?

The video brings some recollections of another epic moment in BASE bragging rights. That other jump, you know, the one that took place last June, when four jumpers devirginized Trump Tower in Chicago. If you build a skyscraper, someone’s gonna find a way to add it to the BASE jumping hall of fame. Assuming no one gets hurt, I think that’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. The climb, the music, and the fact that this dude has the cojones to jump off the tallest building in Europe. Your pace-maker might act up when he gets to the top.

+Steven Hutchings