Adding still more fuel to a debate that started in 2005 regarding this image of a large shark, supposedly caught off Ucluelet BC on Vancouver Island, recent visitors to the site are trading opinions on whether it’s a great white or a mako. On the one side, the argument that it’s a mako, those distinct teeth and the colouring. On the other, the great white camp, claim that its size and those same teeth thought to belong to a mako are, they claim, all signs that it’s a great white.

The only thing we know for sure is that, contrary to popular belief, this ain’t Ucluelet or Tofino, or anywhere in BC for that matter. It’s Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, as given away by the area code on the boom. And of course, that it’s sad this shark was killed in the first place.

With that all said, I turn the floor over to you, dear reader. Have your say – is this now-famous image of the ‘Vancouver Island great white’ truly a mako? Or is it, as many visitors claim, a bonafide, real, great white? Cast your vote here. I’ll start. My thought? It’s a mako.


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