Oh yeah,Tyler Bradt is somewhere near the top on the cojones list. He’s at the top of another list actually – this one set in 2009 with his record 189.5 foot drop DOWN Palouse Falls in Washington State, as reviewed here on The Adventure Journal’s top 5 kayak waterfall drops to date. Yes, there are people who do that.

Aside from the fact that he’s chatting away on his cell phone while driving in this video (Come on Tyler, show us some love!), it’s a pretty freakin’ amazing feat. Observer Ben Stookesberry calculates his free-fall lasted for 3.54 seconds, hitting the water at roughly 77 mph. Ouch. A few tense moments after he finishes too, but there he is, with a new record: the highest waterfall drop ever done in a kayak, a feat Rafael Ortiz (pictured here) tried to duplicate in 2012 but was ejected from the kayak on impact, meaning our guy Tyler retains his title with some sage advice: “It’s a matter of “Buckin’ up and huckin’ it”. Words to live by.