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I get it – you saw Point Break and you want to do the Ozaki 8.

I don’t recommend going that route for risk of serious injury and/or a slight case of death. But there’s probably little harm, and much enjoyment to be gained, from learning to surf. It might be a while before you’re ready to go full Life Of Water like Garrett McNamara, but you’ll learn the basics of surfing if you do it with one of these surf camps we’re about to discuss.

Sure, you can learn to surf anywhere. But wouldn’t it be more fun to take surfing lessons in arguably the surf capital of the planet, with consistent large waves and some Aussie eye candy? Don’t be a schmedrick – of course it would! That’s why each of the surf camps we’ll review here are in an exotic place you’ll remember forever.

We’re talking about Australia, folks, and three surf camps you can take Down Under to learn to surf the Aussie way, and make incredible memories you’ll look upon later with a sh**-eating grin.

Surf Camps For Beginner to Expert

All the surf camps mentioned here are on the east coast of Australia and begin in Sydney. We’ll talk about three camps; one three days, another seven and finally a month long course for aspiring surfing instructors.

Of course, you have budgetary considerations to think about. I totally get that – but as someone who’s dived with great white sharks and notched several things off my own personal bucket list, let me suggest to you that experiences are more important that material items.

MojoSurf Australia 7 Day Livin The Dream is an awesome value. Source: TourRadar

MojoSurf Australia 7 Day Livin The Dream is an awesome value. Source: TourRadar

Save up for that dream trip and head to Australia. Make a few sacrifices and work your tail off to get there. Your payoff will be the memory that you learned to surf in Australia – arguably the best surf location on the planet.

That’s like renting a Ferrari in Italy. You’ll always remember that first wave you surfed – in Australia of all places. Remember to use these links to book any of these surf camps and get a discount in the process…

If You Want: The Basics of Surfing

Try: The Experience

The Experience is short and intense. It’s a three day surfing camp based in Sydney in which you’ll learn the fundamentals of Aussie surf culture. You’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights in the biggest city Down Under, and later head to Seven Mile Beach where you may claim your very first ridden wave.

What’s Included: All meals and accommodation. You’ll be immersed in surf culture, and stay in a surf camp operated by Surf Camp Australia (natch).

Starts at: $373 CDN

Book it: Go to TourRadar with this link and enter ‘The Experience’ in the search field.

If You Want: Surfing and Aussie Surf Culture

Try: 7 Day Livin’ The Dream

You get the full treatment with the 7 Day Livin’ the Dream surf camp. You’ll learn the basics of surfing and practice your Bodhi-esque skills down the east coast from Sydney to Byron Bay. You’ll surf in the day and share your adventures with your fellow surfer travellers around the campfire at night. Put another way, you go further and deeper with the ‘7 Day Livin’ The Dream’ tour.

This is the one I’d take. It’s only about $300 more than The Experience surf camp. When you consider the price of food and accommodation in Australia – and that they’re all included here – this is definitely the best value.

What’s Included: Food, accommodation, transportation and a guide, along with your surfing lessons, and probably a little partying along the way.

Starts at: $693 CDN.

Book It: Follow this link and type in ‘Livin the Dream Surf’. Then book the tour, ’cause this one’s special. Book it here.

If You Want: Surfing Mastery

Try: 1 Month Surfing Development Course

OK Bodhi. So it’s not enough to just get your feet wet. You want the full deal – you want to be good enough to teach surfing and maybe even have your sights on big wave riding one day. Here’s your surf camp; the 1 Month Surfing Development Course. That’s 31 days of instruction, surfing, fitness and travel from Sydney to Byron Bay. This ain’t no tea party, but if you’re up for it, you’ll be a very good surfer at the end of this program, which you’ll pick up right in the heart of Aussie Surf Culture.

What’s Included: Everything you get in the previous tour times four. That’s a month of food, accommodation, transportation and travel, along with expert instruction and a guide.

Starts at: This ain’t cheap, starting at $2,852 CDN. Still, when you consider you could easily double that backpacking four weeks across Australia, it’s a very good value. Those who take this surf camp speak very highly of it – and typically give it a 5 star review.

Book It: Head to TourRadar with this link and enter ‘Surfing Development Australia’. Remember also, you’ll get a discount on any of these surf camps if you book them through the links on this site. So get on it – and have a blast! Book it here.