One morning in early 2015, French stunt skier Candide Thovex woke up, showered and had a coffee. He then looked out at the slopes of Val Blanc and proceeded to tear down the mountain in a ski video unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The video is so profound that it’s the second most viral ski video of the past 12 months. Aptly named, ‘One of Those Days 2’ is nothing shy of crazy. It’s terrifying, awesome and utterly hilarious. Whether it’s real or not has been debated since its release in January 2015 – a year ago this week in fact.

You need to watch the video in one sitting for maximum impact – but you may find it’s 5 of the most fun minutes of your life this January.

Candide Thovex Was Having One of Those Days…

Candide Thovex is a French stunt skier, film maker and entrepreneur. Some call him one of the best freestyle skiers in history – you’ll soon agree the dude’s got some skill going down hill, to say nothing of the speed he hits and the time he spends flying in the air.

You’ll see what I mean around 2:20 of the video when he makes some hilarious jumps. One  puts him so high in the air that he’s a few feet away from an eagle.

Yes, an eagle. The dude really gets up there.

I’m sure there were more than a few ticked-off skiers on the hill that day as well because he pretty much rips the slope apart and jumps, crouches, flips and improvises – even skiing his way on GRASS – to hit that final moment when the video ends in a scene that will have you in stitches. The question remains, though. Is this real?

Personally, I think it is, albeit he booked the slope in advance and told folks what was about to happen. You be the judge – either way, it’ll make your day.