There are times in life when you absolutely, positively, have to pull up a chair and watch dog surfing videos for 10 hours straight. 

OK, maybe that’s just me (mental note, it is), but I haven’t blogged in, like, forever, and saw this video today of film-maker Mike Lucas’s tribute to pooches who simply shred it on a surfboard and, well, I really feel compelled to share it with you.

I’ve made the argument before that dogs surf better than people. You could debate that – but you CANNOT argue this video is not completely f***ing epic. 

Because we all know the sight of a french bulldog hunched down on a surf board with a bone-jarring metal riff in the background is the true meaning of life. You have not truly lived until you’ve experienced the catharsis of an epic dog surfing video because they’re just so darn special. 

And, of course, because I said so.

The good news? If you’ve yet to see an epic dog surfing video, this one qualifies. You’ll be a changed person in just over 60 seconds. 

Dogs. F**k Yeah! Oh it’s good to be back!