This is not going to be a long blog post. But I feel that, after watching Shark Week 2015‘s episode ‘Island of the Mega Shark’, filmed at Guadalupe, that the crew who made the show are being, well, a little puffish…

THIS is a Mega Shark

The issue I’m talking about is the so-called ‘Mega Shark’ the episode is based on, at the end of the show, when, “the biggest shark ever caught on film” comes up from the depths for a swim around/appearance on camera. And truth be told, she’s a big shark – the same one that a diver ‘high-fived‘ a few weeks ago.

She’s massive, yes. But that’s because she’s pregnant. She’s a 16 footer guys – maybe – but that ain’t no mega shark…

At the risk of bragging, THIS is a mega shark, shot by yours truly, at Guadalupe back in October 2007. Yes, that’s the same location featured in the episode making the rounds on Shark Week 2015.

Am I bragging? Yup. But if you want a mega shark, take one look at this beauty – she’s a good 3 feet longer, she’s thicker, and yeah, this is the true definition of a great white shark.

Sorry Shark Week 2015, but you just got one-upped :).