The weather’s on the frosty side here in Canada, but it’s a different story just across the pine. Some of the biggest monster waves you’ll see anywhere – bigger than Waimea, Jeffery’s Bay, Indonesia, you name it – are going off at Praia Do Norte, at Nazare in Portugal

If the name sounds familiar, there’s good reason for that. In 2011 and again two years later, Garrett McNamara made waves (‘scuse the pun) when he rode what some believed to be the biggest waves ever surfed, at over a hundred feet.

Bodhi would be proud.

Yet it looks like McNamara no longer has a monopoly on these monster waves that arrive annually this time of year off the Portuguese coast. He’s got competition – especially in the form of German big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner. Will he dethrone McNamara and take the crown of biggest wave ever surfed? Hard to say, but it’s gonna be a fun week to watch in this new hotspot among the world surfing community.