Don’t lie – you’re here because you saw Point Break and you’re curious about The Ozaki 8, correct?

The Ozaki 8 does not exist. But the ideas behind it are real. The men and women who can’t live without the thrill of extreme sports and adventure travel are real too. My goal is to introduce you to them, and to be a resource for those of us who want to be more than just average.

Is it possible to become an extreme poly athlete? That’s what we’re going to find out.

From Diver to Blogger

My story – my name is Steve Hutchings. I’m a writer/blogger on the west coast of Canada with a passion for extreme sports, BASE jumping, surfing, shark diving and snowboarding. Basically, the stuff your Mom told you not to do.

As a teenager, I watched the original Point Break (1991, Patrick Swayze, still the best!) and my life changed. While I bounced around and got a degree, I knew in my heart that extreme sports was my calling. Then in 2007 I fulfilled a life-long dream and dived with great white sharks in Mexico.

Having experienced the thrill of coming eye-to-eye with a great white shark at two feet, I pursued shark diving further, with another dive, in Hawaii. In 2010, a friend suggested I start a blog to put my voice out there and weigh in on extreme sports and adventure travel.

You can use your college degree to figure out what happened next. This blog was born, and I haven’t looked back.

The Birth of Abenaki

This blog was originally called ‘The Bodhi Tree’ (yup, after Bodhi). But in 2015, something happened that gobsmacked me upside the head and took this website in a new direction.

Hollywood remade Point Break (the horror!). And the movie was forgettable – aside from the stunts. But a plot device called the Ozaki 8 grabbed my attention. It was a series of challenges to the extreme sports community with 8 ordeals that honoured the forces of Nature.

So I Googled ‘Ozaki 8’ and learned it did not exist. That didn’t sit well with me, so I dug further, and wrote a series of blog posts about these fascinating trials and realized the Ozaki 8 was about more than extreme sports.

It was about aiming higher, elevating your consciousness and way with the Earth. That means excelling in multiple extreme sports – be it surfing, snowboarding, kayaking or a thousand things between.

So I turned this blog into a resource for men and women who strive for that, now with the name ‘Abenaki’, from right here at

Abenaki is a resource and inspiration for poly extreme athletes. I don’t want you to do anything dangerous. But – I DO want you to be inspired by the people who accept those risks and, with proper training, explore the realm of the poly athlete.

The Express Pass

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For Poly Extreme Athletes

Abenaki is a resource for poly extreme athletes. That’s men and women who want to excel in more than one extreme sport.

Allow be to clarify you should always get proper training with any dangerous activity – extreme sports among them. I do not recommend BASE jumping or wing suits. Don’t try the Ozaki 8 either. But – let it inspire you to awesome stuff during your time in this life. If that’s you, or you want it to be, stop by and hit the ‘Like’ button on our Facebook Page.

Welcome to Abenaki. Let’s do awesome shit!