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One day you’re going to die. But if there is one thing we learned from the Ozaki 8, “There are some that do not fear death, for they are more afraid of not truly living”.

Sound cheesy? Guess what – it’s true. One day you’ll draw your last breath and be forced to ask yourself if you did it right. We can’t answer that for you. But we CAN help you connect with the right outdoor adventures so you know you gave it a good shot.

Wanna be ordinary? Look elsewhere Wanna do it YOUR way? Pull up a chair…

It All Started With a ‘Sharky’ Encounter…

Abenaki came about starting in 2010 when Canadian shark diver Steve Hutchings drove his friends nuts with constant ramblings about shark diving and how it’s the best thing ever. So they recommended he start a blog about extreme sports and adventure travel.

So I did. Hello, I’m Steve by the the way. This is me diving shark cage diving in California. Hi Mom!

Well, the blog evolved into the extreme sports/adventure brand you’re reading today. Now we make activewear like this totally comfortable bamboo shirt. 

We do outdoor gear reviews too, along with guides and ‘how to’ articles about hiking, climbing, snowboarding, diving and, yup, shark diving, if that’s your thing.

Express Pass to Adventure

We get it, you’re a busy person. You likely found Abenaki because you were looking for something related to extreme sports or adventure in particular.

Don’t let me stop you. Here’s the Express Pass to some of our most popular topics:

Our Values

A few more things you should know about Abenaki…

We LOVE Animals – If you don’t like animals, this ain’t your place.

We REALLY Love Sharks – (Can you tell?) They’re not man-eaters!

We Think Climate Change is Real – And we think people like Boyan Slat bring practical solutions that bring hope for the future.

We Don’t Want You to Do Anything Dangerous – Always get proper training with extreme sports. Plus, don’t BASE Jump or fly in a wing-suit. Watch them instead!

Join Us!

Abenaki is your rather epic guide along the mystery and excitement of the great outdoors. 

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Welcome to Abenaki. Let’s make your epic dreams come true!