If you’re a thrill seeker and you’ll be in Texas or Kansas this summer, be sure to slap on some sunscreen and head to the water park. Make sure it’s a Schlitterbahn waterpark though – the family owned water park company based in Texas that currently operates five water parks in the southern United States and is packing on superlatives in the water slide community like nowhere on Earth.

In fact, those in the know would say the real fun these days is at a Schlitterbahn park even more than some of the big players in the waterslide industry, like Six Flags and Disney. One word sticks out: Verrukt – and the world’s tallest water coaster is on the way too.

World’s Most Terrifying Water Slide?

At 17 storeys, 168 feet and with a maximum speed of 65 miles an hour, Verrukt at Schlitterbahn Kansas City is the tallest and fastest water slide on the planet. Imagine sliding down the height of Niagara Falls and you get the idea of how easy it is to lose your lunch on this water slide – it’s actually higher than Niagara and takes the feeling of free fall to extreme intensity.

Verrukt means “insane” in German. ‘Nuff said.

Verrukt may be the world’s most terrifying water slide – even more than the previous record holder, which ironically has the same name in Portuguese, Insano in Brazil, which at 135 feet and 14 storeys was already enough to make folks do a double-take.


The Tallest Watercoaster

On June 17, Schlitterbahn will tentatively launch MASSIV, a 926 foot-long water coaster in which riders are propelled in two-person tubes along a series of free-falls, including the first triple-drop finale in the business, says the company.

The ride is exclusive only to Schlitterbahn Galveston Island, to celebrate the park’s tenth anniversary, and was originally set to open on June 2.

Heavy rains delayed that launch, although the ride is finished and ready for business.

Schlitterbahn Water Park Locations

Schlitterbahn has 4 water parks open as of 2016:

New Braunfels, Texas (near San Antonio)

South Padre Island, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Kansas City, Kansas

While smaller than Six Flags and Disney, Schlitterbahn currently has plans to expand to Fort Lauderdale and launch two more parks in the Lone Star State. Corporate plugs aside, both Verrukt and MASSIV look pretty amazing and worth the trip if you’re in the Southern U.S. in the summer of 2016.

Learn more about Schlitterbahn at their Facebook Page