You’ve heard it said when life hands you lemons, it’s good to make lemonade. I doubt anyone in Vladivostok, Russia is thinking of lemonade at the moment, but they’ve come up with a surprisingly ingenious and, dare I say, F^&#ing awesome way to ride out a storm – literally.

They’re street surfing, in the drenched roads of the east Russian city, with wakeboards towed behind SUVs. Now their videos are making the rounds online as viewers flock to YouTube to see how street surfing is meant to be done.

Them Russians and Street Surfing…

Typhoon Goni has not been kind to Asia this week. He’s killed dozens of people in the Philippines and since turned his wrath on eastern Russian cities Nakhodka and Vladivistok, where he’s drenched, thrashed and otherwise made life miserable for folks and vacationers along the Pacific.

Having lived in Japan for a year, I can relate.

Faced with a similar dilemma, our Russian friends had a choice: sit at home or get out and, well, maybe do a little street surfing? Heck why not – there’s plenty of rain. Now hitch a rope to the back of an SUV and why not maybe have a little fun?

I have to say, this is one of my favorite videos of the year. I love how completely illogical it is to go street surfing. I love that these guys took a dreary situation and made it epic. I love how they thought to drag a wakeboard behind an SUV in a full-on hurricane. I love everything about these guys and these videos – and the obligatory ‘WOOOOOO!!!’ as they ham it up for some rather amused onlookers.

Basically, it’s the best video ever, though I have been told I’m a little unstable…