Things got ugly in a hurry this week at a ski resort in southern Russia when two men took an unplanned detour from the “gentle snowy piste” they were supposed to follow while orbing and went way off course. And unfortunately, right off a cliff.

The Russian media reports that 27 year old Denis Burakov and his friend, 33 year old Vladmir Shcherbov were in the ski resort town of Dombai, in Russia’s Caucasus Mountains, when they took the spur of the moment ride – caught on video – that was just supposed to last a few moments down a predefined path.

Unfortunately, the path wasn’t posted, and there was little anyone could do when the orb veered to the right, then left, and as you’ll see, down the mountain, where it eventually goes over a cliff and lands over a kilometer away, on a frozen lake the locals call Peacock’s Eye. When rescuers found the two, Burakov was unconscious, with a broken neck. He died on the way to hospital.

Amazingly, his friend survived. Some one upstairs watchin that dude. Doubt he’ll go orbing again.

Orbing, or zorbing, is the sport of riding in a transparent ball, like a hamster ball, only it’s really big and you roll around inside of it, rather than staying vertical. Invented in New Zealand, it’s fair to say the sport will have a black eye for a while. Burakov was a married father of two daughters.

Sorry dude.