It’s going to be hard to top this – literally.

Just days shy of the 60th anniversary of Edmund Hillary’s historic ascent up the world’s tallest mountain, Russian daredevil, 48-year old Valery Rozov figured he’d give it a go, with a jump off the north face of Mt Everest, at 7,220 metres above sea level, having spent over two years in preparation for this, his biggest of the 10,000 jumps he’s done so far. ‘Biggest’ would be an understatement. The temperature at that height? A cool -18 degrees Celcius. Rozov needed more time than usual to transition from free falling to his nifty wing suit because of the thin air at that altitude. He reached 200 km/h and flew for almost a minute before landing safely on a glacier, about 5,590 metres above sea level.

Rozov has already done some crazy jumps, like a 2009 jump into an active volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula. Something tells me we’re gonna see more of Valery Rozov in the future. Look out Felix!

**Valery Rozov died while BASE Jumping in Nepal on November 11, 2017**