Let me preface this with a warning: Don’t BASE jump – and DEFINITELY don’t ski off a mountain 🙂 Cool? OK, continue…

Most folks wouldn’t go out of their way to ski off a cliff. I’m one of them, especially when that cliff is The Chief – a massive dome in BC that towers over Squamish at over 2,000 feet. But Alaskan daredevil Pryce Brown doesn’t think like most folks. And this new video of his ski base jump this week may be enough to trigger your Pacemaker.

The jump took place just this week and shows Brown skiing down the slope. Yet a funny thing happens when he nears the cliff edge – he doesn’t stop. Indeed, he goes right over the cliff and free falls into the frigid winter air.

It’s a surreal moment, and one of my favorite videos recently. We’ve seen a lot of BASE jumping the past year (and a few early demises to go with them). You don’t see a lot of Ski BASE jump videos yet but that may change as the sport gets more popular.

Pryce Brown is not the first to Ski BASE jump The Chief, but he’s definitely put it on the map. I love this video. Cojones dude. Watch and enjoy!