Skydivers_Almost_Killed_Mid_AirLet me preface this post with the reassurance there are many, many inspiring videos that’ll stoke your engines and make you wanna take up the exhilarating if not slightly insane experience of skydiving.

This ain’t one of those videos.

In fact, this clip of two skydivers in Thailand, who narrowly escape a mid-air collision with the plane they jumped from just seconds previously might make you think twice about taking that popular leap of faith.

How close? Um…see for yourself.

The two skydivers are instructor Forest Pullman and an Asian women doing the jump with him. They’re both in Thailand, and the jump took place on October 19th of last year, though it was just released about two weeks ago, during which time it’s been viewed and shared in utter disbelief.

Wow. Um, no kidding…

I can’t decide what’s more amazing about this video; the fact that this plane pulled a full 180 degree turn mid air and came within 10 feet of bisecting our two skydivers or the irony that the young women did not see the plane and had no idea how very close she came to a bizarre end. And the fact that Pullman has the juxtaposition of these two extremes – a student’s sheer thrill of her first jump and five of the most terrifying seconds of his life.

The text he provides at 2:39 of the video, “Now she knows we almost got cut in half”, is not your typical skydiving banter.

Ultimately the two skydivers landed safely. Pullman, who’s been a skydiving instructor for 15 years seemed more freaked out than his student, and apparently has second thoughts about his chosen profession.

The plane, which is linked to a skydiving outfit in Pattaya, Thailand, has the words ‘Thai Sky’ on the wing. No word why the pilot thought it was a good idea to try to ram his skydivers mid-air, and Pullman says he’d never heard of anything like this until now, but apparently there’s a video of a similar situation on YouTube that didn’t turn out so well. I’m glad these two weren’t in it.

Be safe brother.