Not sure if this was out of interest or a gentle nudge from my Mommy that I haven’t posted for a while. In any event, good old’ Mom sent this parahawking video to that, if you watch it, might just make your Monday.

For the uninitiated, parahawking is what you get when you go paragliding and hawks fly up to you and pose for the camera, mid flight, land on your arm and pause for a seriously awesome Kodak moment. The sport was created in 2001 by British falconer Scott Mason, who was in Nepal, noticed the many birds of prey and felt it wouldn’t be a huge leap forward to train them to hang out mid-flight and celebrate the bond between man and raptor.

Epic times, as you’ll see in this video by Lite Touch films.

At the present time, Pokhara Nepal is the ParaHawking capital of the planet, with tours available for interested travellers. There are also rumors that you’ll soon be able to go ParaHawking in the United States. California, perhaps?

Love the video. And after viewing it in its 1:47 minute entirety, you just may have a new item to add to your bucket list!