Our Story

Everything changed the moment Steve Hutchings looked square in the eye of a great white shark.

It’s hard to describe a moment like that. The words ‘small’, ‘humbling’ and ‘prey’ all come to mind.

You know those pictures you see of white sharks in pictures? Their eyes are black. But they speak – oh, how they speak. And in that brief moment, he knew exactly where he was in the pecking order of Nature’s power.

It was a moment of uncommon clarity – the kind that stays with you for the rest of your life. Then you listen, for another moment, when the Universe breaks things down and explains why you’re on this planet.

Abenaki was born.

This is What We Do

Abenaki is an activewear maker and extreme sports brand and portal into the beautiful, mysterious and addictive world of extreme sports.

Based in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada, we make edgy activewear that stands out and makes a statement. That statement is this: we belong to Earth. And we climb the steps of enlightenment through extreme sports.

We blog about extreme sports and adventure travel too. Yup, we know – there’s a fine good chance you came here because you Googled ‘Ozaki 8‘ from Point Break (2015). Or you stumbled on us because you wanted to learn more about Great White Shark diving in California, and here you are.

We’re here to introduce you to extreme sports with this website and a brand that makes epic activewear and gives back to the planet while we do it.

This is Why We Do It

We make activewear and blog about extreme sports because it’s in our blood. It started at Guadalupe Island in 2007 and quickly became an addiction – one that became a full-on obsession for Steve in the years since, be it shark diving, surfing, snowboarding, kayaking and/or the many other ways to get high off extreme sports.

In fact, if you want to get technical, Abenaki started because of this shark right here…

That’s the thing about extreme sports and this ‘epic planet’. A few hits and you’ll always need more.

Our Values

A few more things you should know about Abenaki…

We LOVE Animals– Part of our proceeds help our furry friends.

We REALLY Love Sharks– (Can you tell?) They’re not man-eaters!

We Think Climate Change is Real– So let’s all step up our game.

We Don’t Want You to Do Anything Dangerous – Always get proper training with extreme sports. Plus, don’t BASE Jump or fly in a wing-suit. Watch them instead!

Abenaki is your ‘hit’. It’s your door to the exciting, mysterious and very much additive world of extreme sports and adventure travel.

Like our gear? Hit the Abenaki Store. Wanna hang out? Like us on Facebook.

Welcome to Abenaki. Let’s do epic shit!