Quick question for you – would you prefer to be in the ocean with a great white or killer whale? Though great whites get the publicity with those teeth, it’s the killer whale that should really get your attention. Here’s the breakdown: a 10 to 20 foot long shark that can weigh up to two tons, or a 40 foot killer whale that weighs ten times that much. You do the math, but in an all-out slugfest, the great white’s gonna come up short.

Some guys surfing at Tofino quickly got put in line in this recent video , in which a pod of killer whales chased seals and humans alike out of their preferred location. And though the surfers eventually claim a few waves along the sidelines, they dare not venture further. No word on if they’re transient whales or locals, but, um, let’s just say you don’t want to mess with them regardless!