Skydiver Anders Helstrup almost gets hit by a meteor

Skydiver Anders Helstrup almost gets hit by a meteor

Where is Michael Bay when you need him? I’m sure Hollywood’s king of meteors and flashy things that fall from the sky would love this video, which surfaced this week, of Norwegian skydiver Anders Helstrup who comes within metres of a meteor after he pulls his chute.

Yes, a meteor. Watch the first 30 seconds of the video (all in Norwegian), and at 0:29 you’re in for a serious WTF moment.

Helstrup took the video during a jump in 2012. He only brought it to the media this month, when he watched it again and realized that, wait, maybe that wasn’t a pebble stuck in his chute!

Helstrup took the video to Norway’s NRK TV network, who consulted several geologists. Yup, it was a meteor, they said, and reiterated that our fav Norwegian skydiver of the moment was a very lucky dude. The meteor was at least 5kg and moving at roughly 300km/hr. Had he jumped a second earlier, well, let”s just say the video would be of a skydiver fail the likes of what no one could have ever forseen.

A collision between a skydiver and a meteor…SPLAT!!

Fortunately, it all worked out. He was a lucky dude – REAL lucky it turns out. Not only did he not get split in half by a meteorite, he’s the first known skydiver to ever dodge a meteor (I don’t think they list ‘meteors’ as an occupational hazard in Skydiving For Dummies). And the video is more than just an epic skydiving video. Geologists note that it’s the first picture of a ‘dark’ meteor, as opposed to the flashy Michael Bay-type streaks we usually see when a meteor comes through Earth’s atmosphere.

The likely scenario we’re told, is that the meteor was part of an asteroid belt around Jupiter, which somehow got sucked in by the Sun’s gravity and eventually made its way to Earth…and right past skydiver Anders Helstrup and on YouTube.

Enjoy the video, cause I doubt another narrow miss between a meteor and skydiver will be filmed any time soon!

+Steven Hutchings