OK, I concede. The new Point Break movie is obviously happening. On Christmas Day, the curtain opens. Then it’s here – a new Point Break for a new generation. If Bodhi is good, there might be some hope.

But regardless of whether you’re a fan of endless reboots from Tinseltown, it’s hard to dispute this film will be pretty. Pretty indeed – one pivotal scene in the film involves a BASE jump in which Bodhi and his compadres cut loose a bag of loot on an impoverished community.

It’s quite the stunt. In fact, the word came out this week that it’s never been tried before, and made more impressive when you consider no CGI was used in the movie.

Watch it and you may pee your pants, because it was inspired by – who else? – some guy named Jeb Corliss.

A Point Break With New Clothing

The scene is a first for several reasons, not the least of which being nothing like it had ever been filmed. Actually, the feat had never been attempted, period – the route is a very technical one, typically done by solo jumpers, that comes perilously close to land as he navigates a ravine.

The new Point Break needed five jumpers – at the same time – flying tip-to-tip at 145 mph through the ravine. That part lasts a good 90 seconds, and as you know by now, a wingsuit jump is not the most forgiving endeavour. For proof of that, look no further than Dean Potter, one of the best extreme sports athletes on the planet, who lost his life while jumping in Yosemite.

I assume we’ve already had a few peaks of the scene in that glorified GoPro Point Break trailer released earlier this year. I’m guessing it may look something like the wingsuit video shot by Graham Dickinson in September. And like that video, it may not have won over the late Roger Ebert for plotting or character development, but, hot dang, few will say that it doesn’t look special.