GoPro’s PR department has it so easy. They know if they send a few radical athletes up in a helicopter with cameras strapped to their helmet and add some inspiring music they’ve got a captive audience. Yup, I love snowboarding, and so do the 6 million+ viewers who took in this video of three dudes and one dudette who went high up into the Andes in August 2013 for the perfect line.

Judging from the responses this video is getting, I think they found it.

I admit, this is a corporate video. Notice the ‘GoPro’ slapped on John J’s snowboard and the Red Bull helmets. But it reminds us why we’re alive. Maybe it’s the music, or the sight of ‘huckin it’ at 13,000 feet, but this just captures the essence of snowboarding, skiing, and generally serves as a reminder of what matters in life.

It’s a spiritual moment, right at 3:00, when John J declares it’s time to ‘tame the dragon’.

Call me a corporate suck, I don’t care. These guys just get snowboarding, and why I started The Bodhi Tree five years ago (this week no less).

Ironically, the video shoot was in late August two years ago – right about the time most Canadians are more into surfing than making a snowboarding video. The point being? You don’t have to travel to South America to get in some crazy good heliboarding. Many of the best heliskiing destinations are right here in British Columbia. Whistler is the obvious candidate, but BigHorn at Revelstoke gets high marks too.

Telluride in Colorado is a good heliboarding destination for folks in the US.

So I agree with one observer, who comments how well GoPro reminds us that “you’re not cool ’til you got one of these strapped to your head”. But it’s good enough to light a snowboarding fire under anyone with a soul. The music in the second half is a track called “A Million Billion Dying Suns”.

Take the time to watch the entire video. It’s worth ten minutes of your life.