German kite surfer Carsten Kurmis just made a new sport.

Granted, you may not want to call him a kite surfer after watching this video because, well, there’s no kite involved. No, he’s using a hot air balloon rather than sail power. Yet as you’ll see in this video, shot this week, a balloon makes a pretty good substitute.

Because, heck, a kite surfer really needs to switch things up. A hot air balloon may be a b***ch to set up, but it’s easier on the limbs, legs, and the rest of you. Plus, let’s be honest, it really does look kinda cool.

A Kite Surfer No More

The video shows Kurmis and the balloon crew on the shore of the Tergensee lake in Bavaria, about 30 kilometres south of Munich, in which it launches, hits about 500 feet, and tosses a line down to him.

Is it still kite surfing if you're pulled by a hot air balloon?

Is it still kite surfing if you’re pulled by a hot air balloon?

Kurmis takes the line and then steps in to history, becoming the world’s first (balloon?) surfer, as it pulls him for a good 19 minutes across the lake, and shows it’s got more than enough power to yank him at 30 kilometres an hour. And though he doesn’t get airborne, or give him the manoeuvrability the average kite surfer may want, it’s not as demanding either.

The balloon was provided by a local restaurant, Tegernsee Bräustüberl, who chartered it from this hot air balloon operator in Bavaria – the latter of which being a popular spot for extreme sports (and tourism) in Germany.

Be sure to check out Kurmis’s Facebook page too. As you might expect he’s an accomplished kite surfer and works for a maker of kite surfing gear in Germany. Don’t know if this is the last balloon surfing video he’ll make, but dang, it sure qualifies as your laugh of the day. Enjoy!