“Man, should I do this?”

Um, yeah, that would probably be going through my head prior to going down an 80 foot waterfall in a kayak. Evidently it goes through Evan Garcia’s mind as well, in this captivating film by David Maser that chronicles a day in the life of Garcia, the 23 year old daredevil who’s made a habit of running large waterfalls in his kayak.

Your jaw will hit the ground when the video slows down just before the “stout drop” that constitutes a seriously mad waterfall. There’s another shot in the film when he goes over again and we see it from a distance and you’ll appreciate just WTF this guy just pulled off. Amazing. And hypnotic (though I supposed I’m getting wooed a little by the high def).

This isn’t the highest waterfall jump ever. But it’s way up there, and it’s a pretty sick feat.

The guy’s a searcher. I’d love to know which waterfall he drops in the video…it looks like Washington or Oregon. Metlako Falls maybe?