Speed flying is the act of rapidly flying with a fabric wing meant for speed, often close to a slope. While the mechanism is similar to much slower paragliding, speed flying is done with a smaller wing, and with the obvious intention of more excitement – and the danger that comes with it.

Catch a good wind and you go places quickly. Like you’ll see in this absolutely insane video released this week by speed flier Jamie Lee, you can hit serious speeds in this growing sport. How fast? Well, watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Speed Flying is Low and Fast

The video shows Lee run off a slope and quickly reach crazy speeds through the Romanian country side. It’s absolutely ridiculous how fast he gets – seriously – this looks more like a wingsuit video than something done with a kite.

The difference, however, is that speed flying typically hugs the ground and is done on a downward slope. As you’ll see in the video, this forces the speed flier to navigate any obstacles like ravine, rocks, and other stuff in general that has no business being in your way at 100 miles an hour.

A speed flier. Source: Wikipedia.com.

A speed flier. Source: Wikipedia.com.

Like a wingsuit flight, it’s a steep learning curve. There’s no margin for error in a flight like this – in fact, given how low you’re flying, I’d say it’s even more dangerous that the pastime that killed the late Dean Potter.

All of which combine to make this speed flying video insane, nauseating – and pure f**ing adrenaline for folks who want a good kick in the pants.

I love it.

Seriously, crank the volume up for this one. There’s no music, no corporate plug. Just some dude who shoots up with pure adrenaline, seen (and heard!) in the form of an extreme athlete who makes speed flying look easy.

It may not be that, or safe for that matter, but it definitely looks like a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!