This is the Abenaki Tiger Shirt.

Hot dang! That’s a nifty lookin’ shirt, you’re thinking (or at least I really freakin’ hope so…). But what does a tiger shirt have to do with Abenaki and extreme sports? Well, you’ll recall in July I wrote this blog post about why tigers are endangered. In that article we put a simple truth out there:

Aside from that whole thing about climbing up (and jumping off!) Angel Falls in Venezuela, Abenaki is based on the same conservation principles of the Ozaki 8. Among them, the Earth is our Church. It’s our duty to fight for this planet and all creatures that sustain it.

Tigers are among them. Yet unfortunately, their prowess and exotic image has led to their exploitation in the United States and abroad. There were roughly 100,000 tigers in the wild in the early 1900s. That number has dwindled to roughly 3,900 as of 2018.

Like many species, they need our help. And while I’d love to save every animal on the planet, let’s walk before we run…

Why A Tiger Shirt?

The Abenaki Tiger Shirt is this groovy t shirt you see before you. The story behind it: I’m a huge animal lover with a keen, albeit dangerous obsession with apex predators and stuff that could otherwise rip you to shreds (like, uh, diving with Great White Sharks). Yes, that’s really me, and I have been told to seek psychiatric help about it. Meh, fuck’em…

Still, I’m haunted by the mistreatment of animals, and the plight we’ve put many species in, to the point some are on the brink of extinction.

Tigers are one of them. And then one day, I saw Hoover’s Tale – the rescue of a tiger who’d spent his life as a circus animal. And then one day he was rescued, so he can spend the rest of his life in the peace he deserves.

I had to do something.

A Tiger Shirt for Tiger Conservation

That brings us to the Abenaki Tiger Shirt. Yup, I really put my thinking cap on when naming that one. But it’s now live and lookin’ nifty – and I’m pleased to say if you buy it you’re helping tigers like Hoover.

25% of the proceeds from this shirt go to big cat conservation. Buy the Abenaki Tiger Shirt and you’ll look groovy and help tigers in the process. That’s the story behind the shirt. And I thank you, dear reader, for your purchase and passion for helping the animals of this planet.

We’ve put tigers in this sad place. Now it’s up to us to step up and bring them back.

Let’s help some tigers!