It was a year ago that I blogged about a major shift in the focus of this website. At the time I had no clue what the site would become, other than the fact it would be based on extreme sports, and possibly take a more entrepreneurial turn.

Fast forward a year and that vision is starting to come to fruition. I can now tell you exactly what that change entails and where it’s going:

Abenaki™ is a brand for poly extreme athletes. That’s guys, and women, who aspire to become extreme athletes in more than one extreme sports, be it surfing, and snowboarding, kayaking and other.

Granted, that’s a lot of sweat and a whole lot of training. Enter the Abenaki™ Cross-Trainer t shirt – a premium bamboo shirt for comfort and hygiene as extreme athletes run, jump and otherwise contort in all sorts of inexplicable ways as they train to embrace their inner Bodhi.

Why The Abenaki™ Cross-Trainer T-Shirt?

The Abenaki™ Cross-Trainer is the first in a line of work out clothes and activewear. It’s in response to the demand for clothes you can punish, yet still expect to wear out on the town for beer and Skittles.

OK, how about ‘activewear you can wear to the gym AND casually, be it to school or the bar. 😉


This is a very enjoyable shirt to wear. It’s made of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex. If you’ve ever worn bamboo, or touched bamboo cotton, you know how it feels. Soft, light, stretchy and strong.

 A few more things about the Abenaki™ Cross-Trainer:

  • It’s Anti-Bacterial
  • It’s Odor-Resistant
  • It BREATHES Very Well
  • It DRIES Quickly
  • It’s VERY Comfortable!

Wear the Abenaki™ Cross-Trainer while you’re in the gym or red-lining on your Mountain Bike. If it’s intense, it’s likely well-suited for this ultra-light t-shirt.

Seriously, wear this shirt on a hot day. It’s the most enjoyable shirt you’ll ever wear when the mercury spikes.

All Part of the Plan

Peruse this blog much and you likely know where the inspiration for Abenaki™ came from: the Ozaki 8. That’s a series of 8 ordeals that honour the forces of nature through extreme sports – something we’ve talked about extensively on this website.

Emerging Force

Birth of Sky

Awakening Earth

Life of Water

Life of Ice

Life of Wind

Master of 6 Lives

Act of Ultimate Trust


Just in case you were wondering.

I don’t want you to even think about trying the Ozaki 8 because it’s too dangerous. But there’s something about The Ozaki 8 that I just can’t shake. It’s the reason I took this website in a different direction last year and launched Abenaki™ as a brand for poly extreme athletes.

Don’t try the Ozaki 8. But, never stop trying to be better.

It’s pretty far out there to think you can become an athlete proficient in more than one extreme sports. But you can definitely aim in that direction. It’s my job now to help guide you on that journey, if you’re open to it.

Abenaki™ is a brand for poly extreme athletes that want to push boundaries and see what’s possible. I hope you enjoy the Abenaki™Cross-Trainer t shirt for training, socializing and/or otherwise lounging  at home on a lazy Sunday.