It’s a little hard to find accurate information on indoor skydiving locations in Canada at the moment.

The confusion is understandable. Several indoor skydiving locations opened in Vancouver and Victoria over the past decade. The catch? The shop in Vancouver was a mobile operation that has since moved on. And the indoor skydiving in Victoria that might show up in your Google search results was actually a small mobile rental unit. That’s gone too.

So, the indoor skydiving locations as of October 2017 are this:

Toronto – IFLY (Oakville), IFLY (Whitby), Niagara Freefall (Niagara Falls)

Montreal – SkyVenture (Laval)

You’re out of luck for indoor skydiving locations in BC at the moment – but you’re in for a lot of fun if you live in Alberta, with news of a new iFLY indoor skydiving location set to open in Calgary some time next year.

That would put one indoor skydiving location in Western Canada, three in Ontario and one in Quebec by 2018 if things go as planned.

Indoor Skydiving Locations in Eastern Canada

IFLY Laval is now SkyVenture Montreal. The location and technology have not changed.

You still can’t go bungee jumping in Toronto, but The Centre of The Universe is exactly that if you’re interested in indoor skydiving as the days grow colder. There are currently three indoor skydiving Toronto options – two of them IFLY and one an independent at Niagara Falls.

There’s also an indoor skydiving shop in Montreal (Laval). Curiously, while it was an IFLY shop for most of its existence, it seems to have rebranded very recently as SkyVenture Montreal.

SkyVenture is the manufacturer of the wind chamber technology used in IFLY locations in Canada and the United States.

For Indoor Skydiving near Toronto

Go to: IFLY Oakville, IFLY Whitby OR Niagara Freefall

Description: You really scored for indoor skydiving choices if you live in the GTA. Chalk that up to those frigid winters in Ontario and/or the fact that 6 million people is a very big number. But it’s true – the best place to indulge in a little ‘Inside Skydiving’ on Canadian soil is in Toronto without question.

You can do IFLY at Oakville or Whitby. Budget $75 to $200+, with the latter getting you 10 flights. Each flight is 60 seconds.

IFLY skydiving locations use an enclosed wind recirculating system. That’s in contrast to what’s currently offered at Niagara Freefall, which is basically a giant fan that holds you mid-air. They both have their place, though IFLY is generally better for stunts and could be considered a more intense skydiving experience.

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For Indoor Skydiving Near Montreal or Ottawa

Go To: SkyVenture Montreal

Wait, isn’t that IFLY Laval? You’ve been taking notes if you did a double-take, because it was IFLY until very recently. But IFLY Laval is now SkyVenture Montreal. Same store, different sticker. The technology is the same though, and that’s a good thing, because SkyVenture makes most IFLY wind chambers, and they’re among the most fun in the business.

Also notable, SkyVenture appears to be slightly cheaper than IFLY Toronto locations. Two Intro Flights will set you back just $68 as of October 2017, with the Ultimate – 10 Flights – clocking in shy of $185.

Each package is within $5 of IFLY Toronto offerings. Still, that an excellent value for indoor skydiving with an enclosed air recirculating system, and worth pursuing if you live in Montreal or Ottawa.

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Indoor Skydiving Locations in Western Canada

You’re a sad panda if you’re an indoor skydiving enthusiast living in British Columbia – and yes, I’m one of them. No operator has set up shop in Vancouver since FlyZone Bodyflight packed up in 2013. That’s a bit of a head scratcher considering 2.5 million folks live in the Lower Mainland, although I suspect astronomical rents may have something to do with it.

It’s a different story in Calgary, with IFLY heading to Cowtown in 2018. Sorry Edmonton, you’ll have to get your winter thrills watching Connor McDavid’s ridiculous speed bursts and pretty D-splitting.

This is a Non-Circulating air chamber, which is basically a large fan. SkyVenture now makes recirculating air chambers, which allow for more stunts and acrobatics. Photo Source:

Or you could just go to Calgary. But isn’t that like putting a Mustang engine in a Camaro?

For Indoor Skydiving near Calgary

Go To: IFLY Calgary

Hooray for you if you want to go indoor skydiving in the biggest city in Alberta. IFLY is coming to Calgary (well, that’s what it says here!) in 2018. No word on pricing or location yet, but it will be a recirculating wall-to-wall air chamber built by SkyVenture. It may be a little smaller than Toronto and Montreal, with a 12 foot chamber diameter (vs. 14.3 for the former cities). But who care? – Indoor Skydiving in Calgary dude! F**k Yeah!

Hit Them Up: IFLY has not set up a website for its Calgary store as of writing this post. Head to Indoor Skydiving Source or IFLY World for further updates, and cross your fingers this is more than a rumour.

For Indoor Skydiving Near Vancouver, Kelowna, or Victoria

Go To: IFLY Seattle

You could make the drive to Calgary if you’re a glutton for winter driving on the TransCanada Highway. Or you could take the easier route – literally – and enter Trumpland to get your indoor skydiving fix in British Columbia. You may take it on the chin with bad exchange rates, but IFLY Seattle has the same technology and air chamber diameter you’ll find in Toronto (or Montreal). 

It’s a lot closer too, in Tukwila – near SeaTac airport. And the price is right, with two Intro Flights at just $59.95.

Granted, it’s in US Dollars. But it’s indoor skydiving, nary a three hour drive south of Vancouver. There’s also an IFLY Portland shop if you’re down with some microbrews.

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Keep an eye on indoor skydiving locations in Western Canada in the next five years. The absence of an IFLY or SkyVenture in Vancouver makes little sense, given the population. It’s probably a land issue, which is understandable. But I’d put my retirement account (all twenty bucks of it) we’ll see permanent indoor skydiving in British Columbia in the next five years.

Heck, maybe I’ll do it…