Bungee jumping in Toronto is still not an option as of July 2017 unless you’re game for the 4+ hour drive to Great Canadian Bungee near Ottawa. But it’s not all doom and gloom if you’re an extreme sports purist (or wannabe) in the GTA. You’ll pay anywhere from $72 to the two hundred dollar range, but indoor skydiving in Toronto is one of the most popular alternatives to bungee jumping, and a lot of fun.

Those with a general aversion to heights (translation: ME) may also like that you’re not jumping out of an airplane with this experience. Indoor skydiving in Toronto is typically a two hour experience that consists of 1 to 10 60 second flights in a giant chamber that mimics free fall.

The experience is highly rated on Google Reviews and a popular option for birthday parties and folks who don’t want to commit to, you know, leaping 10,000 feet from a plane. Plus, much love to those who do it, but you’re not dangling off the CN Tower either. Seriously, Toes over Toronto…how the F**k do you do that???

Indoor Skydiving in Toronto Locations

ifly Toronto is the only indoor skydiving experience in Toronto at present. They have one location in the GTA – it’s at the Oakville Entertainment Centrum in Oakville (natch).

In fact, there are just three permanent Indoor Skydiving locations in Canada as of 2017 – all of which are in the Toronto-Montreal Corridor. They are:

iFly Toronto (Oakville)

iFly Laval (near Montreal)

Niagara Freefall

With this said, Niagara Freefall and iFly are different set ups. While prices are comparable, Niagara Freefall is essentially a giant fan. iFly Toronto is a fairly complex system of 4 350 horsepower fans within a circulation system that closely mimics the effects of free fall. The company says the Canadian military trains here, along with professional skydivers and tunnel fliers.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try if you’ve got your eye on wingsuit flying at some point – although that’s a separate conversation altogether.

Also, you may be looking for a groupon package. Don’t click on the one that says “Ifly Ontario” for indoor skydiving in Toronto – unless you’re good with flying the 3,500 kilometres from Pearson Airport to Ontario, California.

The Experience

Indoor skydiving is a safe experience. No, you’re not going to get sucked into to giant fans that propel the experience (they’re off to the side of the diffuser, at the top). IFly Toronto says customers range from age four to folks well in to their senior years.

Considering a man just set a record for the oldest skydive at 101 years young, I’d say you’re fine.

Indoor Skydiving in Toronto at Oakville. Photo Source: Facebook.com

The company says fliers with mental or physical disabilities can do indoor skydiving in Toronto. With that said, you’ll need to be in reasonable health to give it a go. If it’s your first time, you’ll do the following:

Register – You’re not flying to London, but you’ll need to check in regardless. You’ll also need to sign a waiver.

Observe – What the mind can see, the body believes. You’ll watch a few fliers from the observation deck to see indoor skydiving up close.

Training – This takes about 30 minutes. You’ll watch a video, learn about safety, positions, and the basics of body flight.

Suit Up – Congrats – you’re now ready to go indoor skydiving in Toronto. Now you suit up, with goggles, a helmet and ear plugs. Note that you’re not allowed to bring an action camera into the flight chamber, though friends can film you from the observation deck, and you can buy a USB stick of your experience as well.

Indoor Skydiving Costs

At present, iFly Toronto offers four packages:

The Intro – $72. This is for two flights.

The Absolute – $106.19. This gets you four flights.

The Ultimate – $192.92. For the full-on experience. The Ultimate is 10 flights.

Note the Absolute and The Ultimate are promotional prices as of July 2017 and prices may fluctuate. Remember too that each flight lasts 60 seconds. Think short and intense. I’ve never done indoor skydiving before but I did something comparable at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas back in 2014.

In that experience, I drove a Lamborghini and Ferrari, each for 10 laps, around the Las Vegas Speedway (and went back several days later to drive another Ferrari!). From experience I can tell you that something like indoor skydiving takes a little practice. You need to get a ‘feel for the track’, so to speak.

In this case, the track is the flight chamber. The point I’m getting at is to think about The Absolute experience (4 flights) if you want to do Indoor Skydiving in the biggest city in Canada. The first two should help you get your bearings. The latter flights are where you have your fun.