It’s a beautiful thing when a helicopter jump goes the way it’s planned. But there’s a right way to jump from a chopper and there’s a wrong way to do it. You’re about to see the latter, with a video that quickly turns into an epic fail that, well, could ruin your day like you can’t really imagine.

You might want to cover the kiddies’ ears too, if there are children present, because some of the language is rather colourful, though you’ll understand why when you watch the video.

An Epic Fail That Quickly Goes Sideways…

The jump took place in July of 2013 over the United Kingdom and consists of several skydivers about to leap from a helicopter. It’s an extreme form of skydiving that presents new thrills – and hazards – to experienced jumpers who want to take the thrill of skydiving to the next level.

Novice jumpers need not apply.

Anyway, the trouble begins when the first jumper exits the chopper as he prepares to leap. His closing pin gets loose, which causes his chute to get tangled in the chopper’s landing gear, and even more precariously, close to the chopper’s tail rotor blades.

Time to Cut Loose

The head skydiver quickly spots the trouble and cuts the entangled jumper loose. And with that, he’s gone, and safely finishes his jump. But that’s just part of the story. The more urgent issue is that his chute is still tangled in the chopper’s landing gear – an epic fail of nightmare proportions, because it could easily get stuck in the tail rotors, and bring it down in a worst case scenario.

But the video has a (semi) happy ending. While you don’t see it, the crew was eventually able to bring the stuck chute back into the helicopter and safely land. Epic fail narrowly averted – though I’m sure the crew had a few words for Mr. My-Chute-Got-Stuck when they’re back on terra firma.