You may need a strong stomach to watch a BASE jumper pierce a metal parachute in his flesh. I’m not sure what to make of this, but the guy is obviously a passionate BASE jumper and he’s been rock climbing long enough to know his way around rocks and high places.

Before you read further, consider too that he’s a software engineer – so don’t dismiss him as someone of lower intelligence.

Josh Miramant: A BASE Jumper With A Parachute In His Back (Literally)

Yes, you read that correctly. American BASE jumper Josh Miramant is among the first in a new trend called ‘Suspension Jumping’, in which masochists/BASE jumpers pierce their backs with metal hooks, from which they attach jump equipment and take the leap, and after which normal BASE jumping guidelines take over.

Not surprisingly, Miramant is on a very short list of jumpers who’ve undergone the macabre procedure. He was the first, in fact, along with fellow jumper and member of the Sinner Team, 29 year-old Russian Stanislav Askenov, who who can be seen piercing the metal hooks in Miramant’s back shortly before the latter’s first suspension BASE jump – hooks and all – off a 380 foot cliff in Thailand.

Suspension Jumping – Flash in the Pan or Something Bigger?

The obvious question here is why would anyone – BASE jumper or otherwise – pierce metal hooks in their backs? And at what point does it get, you know, maybe a little unsafe?

Aksenov says BASE jumpers do it for the ultimate rush. The normal rules of BASE jumping go out the window when you leap off a cliff with a parachute pierced in your flesh. There’s no pack strapped on and nothing that’s not literally part of you.

Once you leap, you get the juice, intensified, which is why 11 BASE jumpers have done the procedure, he says, and with the current record being 580 feet.

As far as safety goes, he and Miramant believe a jumper would have to exert 220 kilos (441 pounds) to rip out a hook.

You definitely would not catch me doing this – or any BASE jumping for that matter. Still, I admire the passion here. These guys obviously feel pretty intensely about BASE jumping and body modification and the fascinating, if not gory places they meet. A bad thing? To some people, sure. But then again, that doesn’t matter when you jump off a cliff.