I’m not sure whether it’s more suitable to laugh or cringe in this video you’re about to watch. One thing’s for sure, hiker Geoffrey Glassner likely won’t head into grizzly bear territory any time soon with nothing short of a bazooka.

Frankly, I don’t think I’d blame the dude if he packed up his gear and never went into the bush again after this creepy encounter. 

You’re about to see what a grizzly bear looks like in full-on ‘stalk’ mode with two cubs in tow. Actually, I don’t think it’s Mama who’s doing the terrorizing, which makes the video all the more confusing. Are we afraid for this guy, or do we laugh? Maybe both – I can honestly, truly say I have never seen grizzly bear cubs this diabolical.

1 Grizzly Bear, 2 Cubs and a Hiker

The encounter took place last month in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, where Glassner had been camping since July 14th. With his campsite set up at Brooks Camp, Glassner went for his first hike in the area.

This, despite the fact that Katmai National Park is known for its many grizzly bears – a fact that literally stopped him in his tracks. Yup, it didn’t take long for him to find himself in one of the most precarious situations on the planet.

Forget Gentle Ben – an adult male grizzly bear can weight almost 800 pounds and stand 11 feet tall. Photo Source: WikiMedia Commons

It’s one thing to get perved by a great white shark. But you really, REALLY do not want to stumble on a Grizzly Mama and her cubs.

With the adult bear and two cubs staring at him, Glassner picked up his camera and recorded the encounter. Then, he did the smart thing – as many survivalists will tell you, it’s usually wise to calmly back away while facing the creature.

Glassner does this, and Mama clearly gives him the stink-eye as her and the cubs stalk the poor hiker down the path. Oddly enough, she gets bored after a while, and veers off the path. But those cubs – I’m not sure if they wanna play or they wanna play rough.

“Aw, c’mon guys!” the exasperated hiker says to the cubs, who aren’t done with him just yet. Like I said, do we laugh, do we cringe? Don’t ask me, I just work here. But hot damn, have you ever seen Terminator 2? Like that creepy liquid metal assassin from the future, those two little dudes just keep comin’ and comin’…