I once heard a story about a terminally ill woman on a Grand Canyon Rafting tour that sums up why so many people are drawn to the Colorado River.

I heard it on the Rick Steves podcast. One of Rick’s guests had travelled through Colorado the previous year. As you might imagine, she had taken a Grand Canyon Rafting tour with a mature, older crowd, in the middle of summer.

She described the warm summer nights eloquently, and the peace they all felt after a long day on the river.

One night, the rafters pulled up to the shore and lit a campfire. The stars were out. People were bonding, telling stories, and captivated with the joy of the moment.

The terminally ill woman, who had taken the tour knowing she had months to live, laid down. Several others joined her. Then, she looked Rick’s guest with tears in her eye. And, so filled with joy and love, had a moment of peace, and said this:

“I’m ready .”

Why People Are Drawn to Grand Canyon Rafting

Grand Canyon rafting is extremely popular and one of the pinnacles of whitewater adventure in the United States. Sure, there are more dangerous rivers than the Colorado River, like the Chattooga in Tennessee or the Toulumne in California.

But none of those snake through the Grand Canyon – the world’s largest canyon and epitome of adventure travel in the United States.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon takes you through the heart of the Rockies, and some of the most stunning landscape on the planet. The Colorado River itself is enough to turn heads, with rapids tame enough for families, yet challenging enough to eclipse Class V on the whitewater scale.

Then there’s the experience of sleeping under a star-lit August evening on the shores of the river – in the middle of the Grand Canyon. Frankly, there are no words for that.

There is no feeling like sleeping under a star-lit August sky in the Grand Canyon. Photo Source: Facebook.com/GrandAmericanAdventures

The Grand Canyon Rafting Tour We Recommend

OK, so you’re sold on rafting for your summer vacation and you’re looking for Grand Canyon Rafting tours. But you’ve got plenty to choose from. So which one do you choose, for value, convenience, and most of all, the experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life?

Try this one here:

Grand Canyon Rafting’ by Grand American Adventures

Before we go further, let me preface this by saying Abenaki is an affiliate of Grand American Adventures. We will get a commission if you book a tour through the link in this blog post. We’ve chosen to partner with them because there is A LOT of value in this Grand Canyon Rafting Tour – and a lot of fun.

It starts and ends in Las Vegas. It’s one of the highest rated (and most reviewed) of all Grand Canyon Rafting Tours, offered in a small group with an expert guide/raft instructor who can give you the best of the Colorado River and a great intro to the whitewater scene.

The details are here:

Grand Canyon Rafting on the Colorado River. Photo Source: GrandAmericanAdventures.com

Overview: ‘Grand Canyon Rafting’ is a Grand Canyon Rafting tour offered by Grand American Adventures. It’s an 8 day rafting trip along the Colorado River, in which you’ll leave from Las Vegas (early) and first hit the water at Lees Ferry – the official starting point of the Grand Canyon.

You’ll then spend the next 6 days rafting, exploring, and navigating the Colorado River and its Class I-IV rapids, camping, taking in the native wildlife and the splendour of the Grand Canyon from a raft.

It’s frequently called “awesome” and “the best trip ever”.

What You’ll Do: You will see the Grand Canyon from a raft. Being a Grand Canyon rafting tour, you’ll also get your share of whitewater experience should you wish to bone up on your poly athlete resume. But that’s secondary. The real thrill of the Grand Canyon Rafting tour is connecting with the Colorado River, the wildlife of the region, the amazing scenery and the camaraderie of your fellow rafters as you make this journey together.

Why You Should Do it: Dude, it’s the Grand Canyon. You’ll see unbelievable rock formations and natural scenery. You may also see bighorn sheep, golden eagles, hawks, falcons and a range of fauna – to say nothing about the experience of sleeping under a star-lit summer sky on the banks of the Colorado River, which itself will challenge you in rewarding ways, as an athlete, traveler, and human being.

You will likely be a different person having done this incredible journey.

When It’s Offered: April – August

You definitely won’t starve to death. Photo Source: GrandAmericanAdventures.com

As an added bonus, the Grand Canyon Rafting tour starts in Las Vegas, which makes it a little easier to get a cheap flight to the journey’s starting location. And, of course, you can tie one on in Vegas, before and after the tour, though you’ll likely want to avoid ripping it up too hard the night before. Day 1 starts in Vegas at 5AM.

What’s Included: The Grand Canyon from a raft on the Colorado River. That includes transportation from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (and back), your guide/boatsman, gourmet meals, hiking and swimming in side canyons and – best of all – rafting the entire length of the Grand Canyon.

Starts At: $3,909 Canadian Dollars. That’s not cheap – but when you consider it’s arguably the single best way to see the Grand Canyon, and includes gourmet meals, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River (Class I-IV rapids), and so many memories you’ll look back and remember it for the rest of your life, it’s a steal.

Also, if you’re already in Las Vegas, it gives you a much more rewarding tour of the Grand Canyon than if you did a day trip. And heck – it’s 7 days you’re NOT gambling and/or losing money.

Book it Here: To book the Grand Canyon Rafting Tour, follow this link and enter ‘Grand Canyon Rafting Tour’ in the search box (by the magnifying glass at the top of the screen). You’ll get a discount if you book through that link.

Note that Grand Canyon Rafting tours are only available April through August/September.

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