Now for some BASE Jumping of the underwater kind, or blue hole diving, as it’s known.  World champion free-diver Guillaume Nery was doing a free-diving competition in the Bahamas and made this stunning video of him free-diving (yes, that means diving while holding your breath) at Dean’s Blue Hole, which is the second-deepest blue hole in the world.  I have no clue which blue hole is officially the deepest, but at 202 metres, or 663 feet, is more than deep enough to earn this guy bragging rights for having gills for lungs.  For real, how do you really hold your breath that long???  For the record, he doesn’t actually touch the bottom, but he still has my vote to play Aqua Man in the upcoming Marvel movie.  I’m kidding, they’re not making an Aqua Man movie.  I’m just sayin’ conceivably, if they DID, he should play him.