This might be the ride of the year.

Granted, it’s a young year. But Nazare Portugal is going off at the moment – the result of an Atlantic storm going off at the notorious big wave surfing destination as it tends to do in winter. And yesterday, Italian surfer Francisco Porcella pulled off easily the best ride of four days’ of swell.

Praia Do Norte threw everything and the kitchen sink at the guys who tried to tame ‘big ugly‘ in the words of Garrett McNamara. Yet Porcello went the longest and stayed upright on one of the biggest waves seen at Nazare this past week. Watch the video and you’ll see why it’s been nominated for the 2017 Billabong Ride of the Year.

I haven’t seen any estimates on the size of that wave, but going by the video I’d say 80 feet or higher.

There’s even been talk of 100 foot wave action at Nazare this week. On February 28, surfer Jamie Mitchell told Surfline that he and others at the hallowed location had their sights on waves of that size. Garrett McNamara was at Nazare this week, though he bailed fairly quickly, and seemed content to let others have their shot at the prize.

Porcella has that so far, in one of the best rides I’ve seen on any wave, ever. It’s a monster one at that. He’s upright for about 40 seconds by my count, and just when you think he’s about to bail, he stays the course and goes longer. Hats off to Francisco Porcello, Italian big wave surfer who owned Nazare for a brief moment in 2017, in an Atlantic swell at Nazare in Portugal.

Enjoy the video, and for bonus points, watch a brief, and very creepy, black and white version of Porcella’s ride made by film maker Kylian Castells, called Black Carnival. I have no idea what he’s going for, but it’s good for a chill.