You missed your chance to tear it up with surf god Kelly Slater, but there might be a consolation prize if you’re still in denial: donate just ten bucks to crowdsourcing site and you could be surfing with none other than some guy named Ed Norton.

You’re probably more familiar with the guy from Fight Club for his acting chops. It turns out Ed Norton is a keen surfer too – in fact, he spends much of his down time catching waves throughout the United States. His passion for the sport has led him to produce a documentary about surfing legend Bunker Spreckels called Bunker 77.

The movie is currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit, and will show at the Hamptons International Film Festival in October. That’s also when you may win the chance to surf with the eco-friendly actor, with proceeds from the contest going to Surf Rider Foundation’s eastern Long Island Chapter.

You may also win the chance to party with Norton and actor Alec Baldwin at the film’s showing at the HIFF, if you’re an extreme sports guru of the star-gazing variety.

How to Surf (and Party) With Ed Norton

The rules are simple: you pay ten bucks to enter. There are no limits to how many times you can put your name in the hat if you’re especially keen on this. Each entry is ten bucks, five is fifty, ten is a hundred – you can do the math and take it from there.

The contest will have eight winners. Each will get an all-expenses paid trip to the Hamptons to surf with Ed Norton. Airfare and hotel costs are included.

Three of the eight winners will also win the chance to have dinner with Norton, Baldwin and several others – and do it up a little at the film’s after parties.

Head to to enter the contest. Just, er, maybe don’t talk about Fight Club if you happen to win.