OK, I’ve done a lot of great white shark related posts on this blog. But this one’s just too good to pass up. A cliff and a GoPro camera. A winning combination right? You bet – unless there’s a great white shark swimming below.

Let’s just say this video gives new meaning to the term ‘shark-diving’.

The story: Australian cliffjumper Terry Tufferson was in an area of Sydney Harbor, the aptly named Jump Rock at Collins Beach. No points awarded to figure out what happens there – the place is famous for cliff-jumping.  So our good buddy Tufferson suited up this week for a jump with his trusty GoPro camera strapped to forehead to bear witness for what he thinks will be a typical afternoon of cliffjumper mojo.

Thing is, what happens next ain’t so typical. Tufferson lands in the water and quickly hears his mate yelling something about a shark. And waddaya know? At 0:41 seconds, sure enough, a great white shark happens to swim by, followed by a more ‘up-close and personal’ encounter with our trepid cliffjumper, who’s feeling a little creeped out right now, as he comes within about two feet of a great white.

I like it!

Of course, as a regular to this blog you know that great white sharks don’t actually eat people right? But I’m sure that was of little consolation to Tufferson as he sat there wondering just WTF was going on and, like, why can’t a cliffjumper just go about cliff jumping without landing on a great white shark?!

The video is a little controversial because some are saying it’s too perfect. What is the chance a cliff jumper will just coincidentally land on a great white shark in Sydney Harbor Australia. Some say it’s fake, but it looks pretty darn real to me, and I gotta say, if it’s real, Terry Tufferson ain’t gonna forget that anytime soon.

Real or fake? Judge for yourself.

+Steven Hutchings