It’s hot outside and my brain is mush right now (all work and no play). That means deep topics are out and shameless escapism is going to be the topic for this blog post.

Sometimes you just have to turn your brain off and watch cliff jumping videos. As you guessed, right now is one of those times…

Welcome to the Washougal River

Nestled between Oregon and Washington state, the Washougal river is a tributary of the Columbia. Geeks like myself might be interested to know the FBI thinks it might be where D.B. Cooper made his landing on that fateful night back in 1971. More recently, it’s attracted day-trippers from Portland and southern Washington as a great place to beat the heat of summer.

If you follow the Washougal far enough you’ll find Dougan Falls. Just past there, you’ll find a nifty swimming hole called Naked Falls. It’s been called one of the best swimming holes in the Pacific Northwest – and it’s an excellent place to indulge in a little cliff jumping on a hot day.

A Cliff Jumping Hot Spot

Long before anyone even thought of making a high-def mobile camera that we won’t mention, I came to the Washougal River for my first foray into cliff jumping while on vacation in Portland. It wasn’t hard to see why so many people go cliff jumping here. You’ve got a fairly high drop – 50 feet maybe? – and a deep pool below. The rocks surrounding that pool make a good place for hot chicks to haul up and embarrass would be jumpers with calls of “Chicken!!” if they have second thoughts before taking the leap.

But I wouldn’t know *anything* about that. I can assure you I jumped with no hesitation, and the girl in the bikini on those rocks had no influence over my decision to jump whatsoever…

I digress. And you’ve got a video to watch, of two guys who went cliff jumping in 2010 at the Washougal River – a favourite place for thrill seekers in the Pacific Northwest, and where I had one of the happiest memories of my early 20s. Enjoy!