Hey Crew,

This site is about to evolve.

Some of this is unforeseen. Much of it though is because the site and its traffic has grown well beyond the confines of the Great White North.

And some of it is because everyone wants to be a rock star and I’m no exception. This has been on my mind for the past year and I feel that this blog needs to grow into something bigger – one that is relevant and packs the most value for your love of extreme sports and adventure travel in 2017.

Steve Hutchings is a Canadian extreme sports blogger.

Steve Hutchings is a Canadian extreme sports blogger.

I’m tired of just blogging. I want to have a profound impact on your life. Now it’s time to put up, and, in the words of someone you’ve heard much of recently, “Go Big or Go Home.”

What does that look like? I’m not sure yet. But it won’t be the blog as you see it right now.

I started this site in its original form 7 years ago because I was stoked about shark diving. I was a noob at the time, but stuck with it, learned about extreme sports, Google, and, more importantly, about YOU and your preferences.

You deserve to be empowered and inspired. You deserve more, and having stuck with and grown the site where it is today, I believe I’m up to the task of doing just that.

I’m reminded of a quote from St. Augustine inscribed on the late, great Bruce Lee’s gravestone that I saw once and had a profound impact on how I look at life:

“The Key to Immortality is First Living a Life Worth Remembering”

I want to help give you that life so that, years from now, you can look back and feel your journey was worth it.

Much Love,