In Las Vegas you can drive a Ferrari or crush a car driving a monster truck. You can do indoor skydiving (or the real thing), and/or pretty much anything else your brain can cook up on the most far-reaching acid trip this side of the 60s.

Yet curiously, like Toronto, there is no permanent bungee jumping outfit in Las Vegas.

In fact, the last time bungee jumping happened from a fixed commercial platform in Sin City was over a decade ago, at Circus Circus, which first offered the service as a plunge from a 171 foot crane back in 1991, which an entrepreneur bought in 1996, and closed it down little more than a decade later.

Too bad really – it was quite the experience. And as strange as it sounds, in a city with multiple skydiving and extreme sports operations, to this day no one has picked up the torch and offered folks the thrill of bungee jumping in Las Vegas.

Instead of Bungee Jumping, Try SkyJump Las Vegas

Of course anything goes in Vegas. And in a city where big and brash pays the rent, you just know it’s going to be extreme, intense – and maybe a little intimidating.

Bungee jumping at Circus Circus closed in 2006. Stratosphere Las Vegas can be seen in the distance. Source: Pinterest

Bungee jumping at Circus Circus closed in 2006. Stratosphere Las Vegas can be seen in the distance. Photo Source:

You know what they say about ‘don’t look down’. Watch videos of this encounter and you’ll see that’s good advice – it’s actually best to look at the horizon and just let go for this one.

Your best substitute for bungee jumping in Vegas is SkyJump Las Vegas; an 823 foot drop off the top of Stratosphere Las Vegas, which absolutely dwarfs the Space Needle in Seattle and goes down as the highest commercial decelerator descent on the planet.

Rough translation? It’s f***ing high, and makes for a good YouTube video if you’ve got the cojones.

Presently, SkyJump Las Vegas costs $119.99. Add $10 and $30 for a shot of you about to lose your lunch at the top and wrist video of you screaming like a pansy on the way down.

I’ve never done this – something about heights? – and don’t intend to when I go to Vegas later this year, but it’s a good option to fill that strange void of bungee jumping in Las Vegas, and definitely goes down as one of the more terrifying things you can do in Sin City. Right Ed?