First Ever Wingsuit Base Jump Under Bridge at Aiguille du Midi

//First Ever Wingsuit Base Jump Under Bridge at Aiguille du Midi

wingsuit_fly_under_bridge_Aiguille_du_midiThe openings keep getting smaller. We’ve seen Jeb Corliss fly through a mountain in China and Alexander Polli do the batcave in Spain. Now, just this month, BASE jumpers Espen Fadness (love that name!), Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Worth pulled an equally impressive, if not crazy stunt at the tallest mountain in Europe.

Yep, after much planning and calculation on how to navigate a VERY small opening under the bridge at Aiguille Du Midi, some 3,842 metres above Chamonix – and at roughly 200 miles an hour – the trio made history as the first BASE jumpers ever to fly under the popular bridge and have fame and an epic video to show for their troubles. To say nothing about an adrenaline rush that might jumpstart a Boeing 747.

I would not want to be the guy making a wingsuit fail video.

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