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The Kiwis invented bungee jumping, but Canadians have put their own mark on this popular extreme sport in which folks jump off tall stuff with a bungee cord attached for a good kick of adrenaline. You’ll get plenty of that with bungee jumping – it’s not for everyone – and like all extreme sports, there’s always some risk involved.

Still, it’s popular for a reason. Bungee jumping requires little preparation other than having a good set of cojones with you as you take the leap. You can go bungee jumping at most of the major cities in Canada, and it’s the kind of bucket list activity you can do in an afternoon and be home in time for Corn Flakes that evening.

For Bungee Jumping in Ottawa…

Go to: Great Canadian Bungee

Description: The highest bungee jump in North America is in Canada. More specifically it’s right here at Great Canadian Bungee in Wakefield, Quebec. That’s about 25 minutes from Ottawa or two and a half hours from Montreal.

This is an exceptionally high jump, at 200 feet, so it may not be suitable if you’ve an aversion to heights. Then again, bungee jumping in general is the wrong tree to climb if you’re not willing to jump off tall things, so bring your GoPro, take a deep breath and scream like a little pansy on the way down!

Website: bungee.ca

For Bungee Jumping in Toronto…

Go to: Canada’s Wonderland OR Great Canadian Bungee

Description: At one time, Canada’s Wonderland offered bungee jumping as an attraction. That was in 2013 but they’ve since taken down all mentions of the sport. Assuming they don’t offer it any time soon, you’ll have to Great Canadian Bungee near Ottawa if you’re keen to get your bungee kicks in the (sort of) Toronto area.

For Bungee Jumping in Vancouver…

Go to: Whistler Bungee

Description: My BC bias shines through here. Whistler Bungee offers bungee jumping in a truly amazing setting. It’s not hard to see how Dean Potter fell in love with this area – the jump is 160 feet above the glacier-fed Cheakamus River.

Apologies to Great Canadian Bungee, but Whistler Bungee wins the scenery contest, hands down, and you won’t freeze your tail off when you do it in winter. Well, not as much…

The experience comes highly rated by jumpers at Google Reviews. It’s a good 90 minute drive to Whistler from Vancouver up the stunning Sea to Sky Highway.

Website: whistlerbungee.com

For Bungee Jumping on Vancouver ISLAND

Go to: WildPlay Element Parks, Nanaimo

Description: Now you’re talking about my backyard. Vancouver Island is a mecca for extreme sports, and the bungee jump in Nanaimo was one of the first in Canada. The jump is 160 feet high, and you can do it in six different styles. The bridge has been called ‘the highest bungee jumping bridge on Earth’ (I think).

Either way, it’s pretty high, and a huge draw for travellers who make the rewarding trip to Vancouver Island.

Website: wildplay.com/bungy-jump

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