This is Chewbacca. This is Chewbacca giving up on settling his griefs by smashing storm troopers to a metallic pulp on Endor or the Death Star. Yup, Chewie has let go of his old ways and now resorts to dealing with stuff the way guys smooth stuff over in the GoPro generation.

How’s that?

By tearing it up on Mammoth this past week with a Storm Trooper in a pointless, yet delightful romp down a ski hill that makes you wanna watch the new Star Wars movie and go snowboarding.

Seriously though, Chewbacca lays it down on that metallic monster – this one’s an epic battle sure to make you laugh.

Chewbacca Got Game

Yup, it’s Chewie (insert Chewbacca sound here) and a storm trooper in an epic battle of The Force vs The Empire (is that right?) in a completely meaningful video shot last week during which our hero ambushes said storm trooper and shows ’em how it’s done on a snowboard at Mammoth.

Chewbacca_and_Storm_Trooper_SnowboardingBut The Empire Strikes Back! (natch). It turns out Storm Troopers have a little skill on the slopes by their own right. The momentum shifts pretty quickly here, and it’s hard to tell who’s the better snowboarder in this saga of Good vs Evil. I refuse to believe this are pro snowboarders; this is Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper (right?), fresh off filming the new movie and looking here to settle there grievances.

Still, it’s nothing personal. Rumor has it they went out for beers after filming and no harm was done, except maybe to a few egos. Ah Chewie, you’re such a keeper, and remind us all the power of shameless content marketing.

Watch the video here.